Carbon Saving Ideas


Financing Efficiency Upgrades For NYC Office Buildings

In this article, we discuss NYSERDA’s new Heat Recovery Project Development and show how NYC commercial and multifamily buildings may benefit from it.


Local Law 97: The Growing Role of Energy Modeling

A properly calibrated energy model can offer a building insight into projected penalties (if any) and can enable valuable sensitivity analysis as well.


Local Law 97: What Building Owners Need to Consider

In this article, we look at three ways in which the CMA and LL97 may impact the industry moving forward: 
     • Costs 
     • Lease Language 
     • Rental Income


Local Law 97: Is Your Building Ready?

Local Law 97 (LL97) is designed to encourage a 40% reduction in the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy use in buildings by 2030, and ultimately to achieve an 80% reduction in citywide emissions by 2050.


NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program: Energy Modeling for Commercial Tenant Space

Energy modeling for LEED v4 Interiors; energy savings for commercial tenants; and updated guidance on the NYSERDA Commercial Tenant Program.


How to get 50% off on energy modeling of tenant space.

The NYSERDA Commercial Tenant Program provides cost-share incentives for both: tenants building-out a leased space; and for owners or managers looking to develop a generic package of energy savings applicable to standard tenant spaces in a building.


Tenant Energy Modeling: is it right for your project?

Under this new program, tenant build-out projects get an incentive that pays 50% of the cost of energy modeling. Great news for tenants, but not all projects will find energy modeling worthwhile. So, how can you tell if this will be a good idea for your project?


An Empire State Building sized energy saving, and our framework to help tenants find savings like this.

In this article, the third part of our series on the new Commercial Tenant Program, we put this expertise to use looking at whether or not there is actually much tenants can do to save energy.


RDA's simple three step approach to energy modeling that is helping to cut costs in tenant space.

In this part, we offer our take on whether and how energy modeling can be applied to tenant build-out projects.


The lowdown on how tenants can benefit from NYSERDA's new Commercial Tenant Program.

NYSERDA recently launched a new $5.75 million incentive program for Tenants in New York. The Commercial Tenant Program will pay 50% of the cost of energy modeling, to cut energy costs in Tenant space.First up: why do energy modeling for a build-out of tenant space in the first place?


Three ideas from RDA to cut energy costs in tenant office space by between 5% and 15%.

In a new office, equipment energy use can account for over 70% of a tenant’s electricity use. We would not be surprised to find office tenants who match the New York Times’ findings; using a quarter of their energy while no one is there.


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